Pickerel River Cottage

For History Buffs: The Pickerel River is part of the ancient French River route of the Voyageurs. You can boat or canoe right from Montague Cottage through the French River Delta to Georgian Bay or go east on the French River to Lake Nippissing. These are the traditional trade routes of the, Algonquian (Ojibway) family, the Huron-Iroquoian people and the Voyageurs or Courier du Bois (runners of the woods) during the heyday of the fur trade and the early history of Canada and the early explorers. Explorers who followed this route included Étienne Brûlé, Samuel de Champlain, Pierre-Esprit Radisson and Médard Chouart Des Groseilliers, Simon Fraser, Alexander Mackenzie, and David Thompson. Experience the history and legends of Canada in person and imagine yourself as an early explorer living off the land and dependent on the resources around you and the benevolence of the native people for your survival.

Montague Cottage is situated on the edge of the French River Provincial Park. Visit their site for more information on this new Provincial Park.

Montague Cottage is 45 minutes from Science North, a family attraction in Sudbury that is a must see.

For the Sportsmen and Sportswomen and their families: The waters of the Pickerel and the French are clean, clear and full of a variety of game fish. You can enjoy the serenity of the surrounding waters while jigging or trolling for Walleye, casting for Pike and Musky and catching a trophy Bass on your favourite spinner baits, jitterbug or spoon. Why not just bring a lawn chair to the dock and relax with a cool drink, your favourite book, and your fishing pole and bobber, or cast from the dock into those shadowy structures on the shore where you know the big lunkers are lurking. The little kids will be happy catching a variety of Panfish. Visit the Ministry of Natural Resources for the latest in fishing and wildlife information.

Photography Buffs: You will be hard pressed to find a more scenic and ‘photo friendly’ area anywhere you travel. The scenery is simply magnificent and overwhelming in its beauty.

Hikers and Explorers: There are lots of great hiking trails all around us. Bring your canoe and pup tent and plan an overnight adventure in the wilderness as you capture the life of the Courier du Bois.

For the Cosmopolitan Adventurer: We are located in the heart of Rainbow Country. Check out this link for a variety of activities in the area including golf, dining, hiking, tours and shopping.

Local Resources & Links

Information about the French River Provincial Park. The Montague Cottage borders this park.

The City of Sudbury is an interesting place to visit and once produced 95% of the world’s nickel. It is also the home of Science North,  a science centre and family attraction that is a must see when visiting Sudbury.

Check the local weather for French River Provincial Park and the surrounding area,

On the Ontario Ministry site you will find useful info on fishing/hunting regulations in Ontario and so much more.

Transport Canada Marine Safety site is a must visit if you are not familiar with boating regulations in Canada. If you are bringing your own, or just renting a boat for the weekend, there is info on responsibilities, and laws you need to know pertaining to operation of watercraft of all types in Ontario and Canada.

While out in the country, enjoy a cup of hot coffee supplied by Backcountry Coffee Company.